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Personal Service

As well as our public seminars, we also offer specialised one on one private counselling sessions known as; "The Real Life Education Program."  The Real Life Education Program is for clients needing to deal with their personal issues in a more in-depth way. We use a  revolutionary method called "Belief System Therapy" to eliminate the impact Stress, Depression and Anxiety has on us. This method will break through some of your old conditioned habits which contribute to your stress and teach you what true personal development is.
Real Life Education will give you the opportunity to develop understanding about your current situation and look forward to your life with a renewed energy. Dealing with the true causes of psychological stress will help you to improve your view of all your life events. This improved viewpoint is an important step in the healing process. 
As you increase your understanding of personal development and what it actually means, your stress levels will reduce dramatically and any Depression or Anxiety which was associated with your stress will disappear. This is where "Belief System Therapy" works.
Because our pschological stress is directly related to our belief system, it means we will need to have our beliefs changed to correctly relieve this stress. This also means it isn't the events we are encountering or the predicaments we are confronting which is causing our stress. It is how we are viewing these experiences, and assessing them with our current beliefs which causes a reaction in the body. This reaction is intimately linked to the mind/body connection.This is what we need to address.
These specialised one hour sessions will bring clarity to the main causes of your Stress, Depression or Anxiety. Then through a process of investigation and education you can change your beliefs. As you continue to change your beliefs you will experience more and more relief in the body and the mind. 
Here are some of the issues we can address with Real Life Education:
  • Stress, Depression and Anxiety
  • Addictions and how to overcome them
  • Self Esteem Issues
  • Direction in life
  • Starting a family
  • Relationships
  • Loss of loved ones
  • Work related stress
If you are interested in dealing with your issues in a whole new light and want to see real results for your efforts feel free to contact us for a personal session today or come to one of our seminars for the weekend to see if this fits. I am confident you will leave us feeling much more at ease about your life and with a smile that is hard to remove. Just read some of our testimonials to see what others think.