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How would you like a team of motivated, enthusiastic staff…that looked forward to coming to work... took less sick days off...were more productive... and really cared about your business?

Like it or not, work-related stress has become a serious management issue. It’s vital for employers to recognise work-related stress is a significant health and safety issue, and is currently costing Australian business millions of dollars each year.

We have a proven program that reduces workplace stress, energises and educates your employees, changes their attitudes, and ultimately improves the overall performance of your business in the following key areas:

  • Improved Moral - both at an employee and team level. (On average 30% of manager’s time is taken up by conflict, and 62% of employees are more likely to pursue legal action than 5 years ago).
  • Increased Productivity - Research shows that employees who feel good about themselves, tend to be more productive, time effective, perform at a higher level, and offer better levels of service to your customers, (all of which is likely to boost the overall profitability of your business).
  • Lower Absenteeism - Staff who know how to manage stress effectively will be less likely to get ill and be absent from work. (According to the National Health and Safety Commission, work-related stress accounts for the longest stretches of absenteeism and is currently costing Australian employers millions of dollars per year .)
  • Higher Retention Rates - Our program can lead to better employee/supervisor relationships which allows employees to feel valuable to an organisation. By fostering a culture of open communication, employees can feel their opinions matter, and more importantly enforces loyalty among employees. 
  • Improved Bottom Line Results - An investment in your people will reduce costs, increase loyalty, increase performance, and ensure long-term sustainable competitive advantage.

No matter what industry you're in, motivated and engaged employees are critical to success and have a direct impact on your bottom line.

We can help you take steps to ensure your business is protected from the rising costs of work-place related stress.

Our seminars are targeted towards the reduction of stress related illness in your workplace. Our team at Stress-Ed can help produce immediate improvements with our revolutionary life education program.
This method has proven to be successful with over 3000 clients, many with severe Depression and Anxiety. An easy method to integrate into any work enviroment to produce maximum benefits with minimal amount of follow up.

Highly Skilled Trainers

Designed to suit the specific needs of your workplace.

Our highly skilled, professionally trained presenters will come to your workplace and deliver a personal development program which is second to none. With formal training undertaken at the Australian Depression Institute, known worldwide for it's pioneering work in the mental health arena.
What makes Stress-Ed unique?
Our methodology has a broad range of applications from simple everyday stress relief to more serious anxiety and depression. With an emphasis on the cause of Stress related illness and not the symptoms, we can address the real impact on your business that these issues are having.
Part of our commitment to you includes:

  • Reducing the amount of "down time" caused by stress related illness.
  • Working closely with you to perform an individualized professional development needs assessment and implementing a personalised program into your business.
  • Developing an understanding of your business structure and the goals you hope to achieve through this development process.
  • Gaining vital information for you, as a business owner, to understand your team better, and gain the maximum benefit from them whilst continuing to help them to develop themselves. A win/win situation for all.
  • Helping to drive profitability of your company through improving the overall performance of everyone within the business. Less stress equals more productivity.