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About Stress-Ed

We are building a team at Stress-Ed who are dedicated health care professionals passionate about helping people. Our combined years of expertise will contribute to my vision of having a significant impact on the reduction of Stress, Depression and Anxiety in our society.
Stress-Ed is owned and operated by Jayden Raye as a Personal Development business with a difference. Our specific areas of expertise incorporates public and corporate seminars, private life management consultations and mindfulness programs. All targeting the actual causes of Stress and it's related illnesses (specialising in Depression and Anxiety) and implementing a comprehensive development program to overcome ongoing effects of these illnesses.  


          Jayden Raye

  • Certified Australian Depression Institute Senior Life Coach
  • Certified Australian Depression Institute Lecturer/Presenter
  • Mindfulness Practitioner
  • Certified Telephone Counsellor
  • MICBT Qualified Practitioner
  • Qualified Emotional Release Therapist
  • Journey Therapist
  • Certified NLP Practitioner

Jayden is a caring and compassionate counsellor who’s no-nonsense approach achieves great results for his clients. Jayden has studied with the Australian Depression Institute and works closely with people suffering severe Depression and Anxiety. 
He has gained valuable hands on experience managing a health retreat specialising in clients suffering from Depression, Anxiety, Addictions and Psychological Stress.  Jayden has spent the last  15 years studying human potential and personal development. A specialist  in Mindfulness and Belief System Therapy,  holistic counselling and public lecturing has given Jayden the necessary abilities to be able to deal with a large range of psychological issues.