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Did you know that Depression, Stress and Anxiety can be treated quickly and effectively...without the use of drugs and their awful side effects…no matter how long you’ve been suffering.
Our Seminars and Real Life Education Program will teach you the most powerful method to eliminate Stress,  Depression and Anxiety fast and permanently. WITHOUT THE USE OF MEDICATION.

The method we teach is simple, effective and has brought peace and happiness to the lives of thousands of people already. It has been developed with the help of experts in the fields of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Holistic Counselling, NLP, Mindfulness and Psychosomatic Medicine.
It's a completely natural approach to eliminating Stress, Depression and Anxiety. This may seem hard to believe for someone who has been suffering for some time, but our results have proven that our method works. Over 5000 people around the world now use this method to live more excited about life, and optimistic about their future.

Corporate Design Seminars

Our seminars are targeted towards the reduction of stress related illness in your workplace. Our team at Stress-Ed can help produce immediate improvements with our revolutionary Real Life Education Program.

Specifically tailored for the individual we offer our Stress-Ed Seminars. Specifically designed for the maximum amount of impact in the minimum amount of time. A two day education which will change your life forever. 

Personal Service

Our One on One Real Life Education Program is for clients needing to deal with more personal issues. These specialised 1 hour sessions will bring clarity to the main causes of your Stress, Depression or Anxiety. Through understanding these causes we can then develop the steps necessary to change how you feel.

Mindfulness Programs

This ancient technique has been proven for thousands of years to produce outstanding results in the reduction of stress, anger, worry and pain (physical and mental). Studied in many major universities and used in conjuction with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to treat most mental health conditions.

Community Programs

With an emphasis on reducing the levels of stress in the wider community part of our mission is to give back to society with our donation based community programs.